The donation which was held on Tuesday at the Ghana Medical Association was part of the company’s commitment to support the Government of Ghana and all other stakeholders in the fight against coronavirus.

The clinic donated 4,000 pieces of examination gloves, 2,500 pieces of surgical facemasks, 800 pieces of n95 facemasks, 230 pieces of protective gowns, 200 goggles, 100 coveralls and 3,000 pieces of hand sanitizers

GADOR who have partnered with RABITO to distribute over 10,000 PPEs courtesy of Rabito Clinic.

CEO of Rabito Clinic, Mrs. Karen Hendrickson who was saddened about the impact of the virus on our communities, was pleased to say, “this is just a token of our contribution, we recognize that the ladies and gentlemen on the frontline in a bid to keep our citizens safe, they are putting their self at risk and we wanted to make sure that they are caring for our citizens without fear of hurting their selves and as a matter we have gone out to purchase these PPEs which we think will go a long way to ensure that the hospitals and clinics that really need it with the help of the Ghana Medical Association will have them without worrying about their own health.

She also urged the public who have recognized symptoms of the virus in them but are afraid to come out to take advantage of their tele-medical platform to consult their team of medical doctors who are ready to offer their help to them.

“Rabito Clinic has also put in place a tele-medical platform which is our e-health service whereby patients who are still afraid to come out to the clinics to get care can just go to the e-health platform and can consult with doctors, Professor Delle and all our buckeye of doctors at the clinic and receive the care from the privacy of their home during this lockdown and it they require medical tests and inscriptions we will deliver it to them in a safe manner through our delivery network,” Mrs. Karen Hendrickson said.

Prof. Edmund Delle, the Founder and Chief Consultant Dermatologist of RABITO CLINIC added that, The virus has made us to understand that we are not isolated, it has no respect for race, country or gender. Those of us who have passed 70 must be more careful. In moments of stress like this that is the point Ghanaians must show that we are one united family and that political distinctions don’t come in, it’s a war. I’m happy everyone is coming on board to ensure that we stop this virus from invading our country.

General Secretary of GADOR, Florence Akomea who received the donation was grateful for the kind gesture of Rabito Clinic and urged other companies to also follow suite.

GADOR is expected to help distribute these PPEs to over 50 healthcare facilities across the country. The PPEs are to be distributed to frontline health workers in over 50 facilities across the nation. GADOR has already started distributing some of the PPEs they’ve received and facilities such as Tamale Teaching Hospital has benefitted from the PPEs.


Source: Ghanaweb

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