“Today (24th September 2018), I kneel before the staff of Rabito Clinic, Koforidua branch to show my appreciation for working a miracle in my baby’s life. My child, Emmanuella, is only seven months old and has battled varied degrees of rashes and boils on her hands and soles since birth. The rashes have been persistent, even after visiting various health facilities for cure.


When I finally heard of, and took my child to Rabito Clinic based on recommendation, I experienced how efficient Rabito is in what they do. For only 2weeks of receiving treatment from Rabito, Emmanuella has seen a massive change in her condition.


I am a happy mother now, full of gratitude to Rabito. Thank you for touching Emmanuella’s life with your expertise, commitment, exceptional healthcare and love.”

—  Mother of 7-month old Emmanuella

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