Since 1974, Rabito Clinic has provided general medicine and dermatology services to patients all over Ghana. What has made Rabito Clinic able to stand the test of time? What makes us so unique that generations of families still come to Rabito Clinic for their health care needs?

1. Leading Dermatology Experts

Our resident dermatologists and practitioners have years of experience and are recognized experts in the field of dermatology. You can be rest assured that all your skin, nails, and hair concerns will be handled with care.

2. Widespread Presence

Moving or visiting another region? No worries. Rabito Clinic has 16 branches across the country including e-Health  Ghana, an online telemedicine  branch. Getting access to Rabito Clinic has never been easier.

3. Fast-track Service

Don’t want to wait in line because you have to rush back to work or other errands? Select our VIP option to receive fast-track medical care and service.

4. Customer Service

Service provided at Rabito Clinic is exemplary. From the doctors to the nurses and cashiers, we take our time to ensure that all your concerns are addressed during your visit.

5. Family Friendly

Have any children you are bringing to or along with you to the clinic? There are an assemble of toys and space for children to play around. They will forget they are in a clinic in no time!

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