I joined Rabito Clinic in 2013 as a Dermatologist. My working experience has taught me a lot about working with people with different personalities and varying medical conditions. With the myriad of dermatological conditions I see as a doctor, my clinical knowledge in dermatology has certainly been augmented!


I love the fact that I live and work in Tema. This, for me, has made working in Rabito Clinic great. I do not have to run shifts or rotations in other branches, enabling me to focus on working and improving the clinic I work in. The ability to be stationed in one place has also fostered a closer relationship with my patients and colleagues. Rabito Clinic is a well-established institution where you can really learn about dermatology, especially as a clinician. Go for it!


 - Dr. Claudia Donkor  Medical Doctor (Dermatologist), Tema


Are you dynamic, a self-starter, motivated, enthusiastic, and a go-getter? Look no further for opportunities to work in the health industry. Rabito Clinic is looking for committed professionals who are willing to use their skills and talents to serve our 15 branches  located all over Ghana.

See our job opportunities below:

  • Dermatology Officers 


  • Nursing Officers

  • Health Assistants

  • Administrators

  • Pharmacy Manager

  • eScheduler

  • eDoctor

  • eScribe

  • eDispenser

  • eCashier

  • eCoedinator

To apply to any of these positions, send your CV, cover letter, and copies of educational certificates to

For any questions regarding your application contact the Administrator on  054-654-8476. Add us on Linkedin!


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